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Purpose of the 1% Matters FundTM

The 1% Matters FundTM will provide small grants to local projects who are helping young people, the elderly, those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, vulnerable people or those suffering mental health issues.

In 2015 David Ryley, Chief Executive Officer of successful local business, Ryley Wealth Management decided to start a fund with 1% of his profits to support local charities in Nottingham. A second business leader quickly saw the potential and was the first to offer his support.

Between them, David Ryley and Mark Goldby have created a new charitable fund with the aim of growing it to build a permanent legacy for the people of Nottingham. As government and councils reduce their grants to local charities, they wanted to do what they can to help.

To hear from them directly please watch our video, also by selecting the button below you can see the full length video.

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Many people can afford to give 1% of their salary, their company profits or dividends and every penny matters to local charities. £500 can go along way for a small local project providing essential support in our communities.

Whilst we know many people give generously to charity, many would like to give to more local projects, if they knew which ones to give to and if they knew the groups are carefully checked and the spend monitored.

The 1% Matters fundTM is being administered in conjunction with the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation and this brings the following benefits:

  • 100% of all donations will go to local charities
  • Projects will be carefully assessed to accredited standards
  • All groups and applications are checked for Safeguarding
  • Grants are only awarded to those who really need it

Who we’ve helped

The first grants have already been awarded to Radford Care Group who support the elderly www.radfordcaregroup.org.uk and She UK www.she-uk.org.uk & www.mending-uk.org who provide adults with support around childhood sexual abuse.

Radford Care Group would like to thank The 1% Matters FundTM for their generous donation of £1000.

Our Friendship Group for Older People is not government funded and therefore every penny we raise is used to keep our centre well run, vibrant and happy.

Members at the Radford Care Group come here when their ability to go out alone and remain independent becomes difficult for them.  One of the most common issues arising from growing frailty is loneliness, perhaps from a loved one’s death, or family moving away.  Radford care group understand that belonging and being part of your community is so very important, I can’t emphasise enough the difference it make to people’s lives.  What must it be like to feel invisible? – This often leads to depression and waning health.

Our members regularly comment on the warmth and inviting element that we have here.  People need people either to depend on or just enjoy a gathering and chat, it helps us to feel good and that impacts on better health.

Nancy thinks places like the Radford Care Group should be available to more people and she is not the only member who has high praise for the centre.

Joyce says “It’s lovely here,” “I would come here every day if I could because everyone is so friendly.” She comes to the group three times a week.

Joyce now suffers from agoraphobia which means she rarely leaves her house, therefore she is picked up from her home and dropped back off every time she comes.

“I just don’t know what I’d do with myself because wherever I went nowhere would be as nice as this,” she says.

“When I come here I can forget about my problems and when I go back I can face them again.”

Volunteer Kathleen Hoyland, 79 says that the centre is one big family.

“There are a lot of people that are really struggling at home,” she says.

“It’s nice to think you have given people a bit more pleasure and socialization then they might have had.”

Freda Ward, 77, volunteers one morning a week and joined the care group when it opened on Prospect Street.

“It’s just a happy place to be I have been coming since 1979 and it’s very rare for anyone to leave.”

She thinks that the centre is a life line to many of the members.

People need more than a five minute visit in their home. It is not going to solve anything to paper over the cracks and people will still go into decline.

Elderly care is going to be one of the biggest problems faced in society over the next 20 years and early intervention is the key to staying healthy and informed.

Thank you again, your donation to a local community charity is very much appreciated.

Jill Davies

Radford Care Group

Group_SHEWe were extremely appreciative to be amongst the first charities to receive a grant from this exciting new fund. The principle at the heart of this organisation, that 1% Matters, is absolutely right—one percent does matter. One percent can and does make a difference. We are a small, county-wide charity delivering a holistic range of services to victims of sexual abuse, sexual violence, exploitation, but despite the staggering and disturbing need, we struggle to stay afloat from year to year due to withering grants and a lack of donations. This grant mattered to us. It contributed to our volunteer expenses for the year, and ensured that volunteers could travel to our outreach centres to deliver creative therapy, 1-to-1 therapy, crisis support, and many other invaluable services. This is some feedback from our members:

“I feel positive about life and am now studying to be a counsellor myself it is all because of SHE UK.”

I’ve been able to voice how I feel safely and able to trust and start to live again.”

“I believe in She. UK I’m finally getting the help that suits my condition. I’m seen as a whole person. I feel so supported really for the first time in my life.”

She UK www.she-uk.org.uk

Mending-UK www.mending-uk.org